Here are few videos about my bees

Intro to my bee yard and You Tube channel

My Hive Set Up

Nucs,bear zapper and rainy day swarms oh my

Marking Queens in nucs made from Hive 14

First Look at my New Bee Yard

Marking Queen from July 19th Swarm

Searching for a Piping Virgin Again

Checking for Queen in swarm from July 19 2020

July 19 2020 first swarm Hive 14

July 2020 Update

Adding Pollen Patties April 3 2020

March 27 2020 Update

Looking at the Three Nucs from Hive Six Shake Out

Splitting Hive Six into Three Nucs

Building and Waxing Brood Frames 2020

March 1st Feeding

February 22 2020 Cleansing Flight

Marking Swarms Queens from Hive Two New Hives 2&5

Honey Bee Update December 2019

Releasing the Queen

Splitting Hive 2 Sept 1 2019

Wrapping Hives for Winter 2019

Weighing Hive Two after it Swarmed

Over Wintering My Nucs 2019

Two Swarms for the Price of One

Inspecting Hive 22 and Adding a Second Box

Marking Queens made from Hive Ten

Looking for the Hive that gave me the Bait Hive Swarm part 2

Looking for the Hive that gave me the Bait Hive Swarm part 1

Update on Hive Six Sept 19 2019

My First Swarm Catch in a Bait Hive

To Swarm Or Not To Swarm

August 2019 Update

How to Weigh a Bee Hive

Adding Feeder Jars

Removing feeder jars

Adding Pollen Sub

Hive moving tool

Building Honey Frames

Cover Clothes for Honeybee Hives

Alcohol mite washing jar

Wrapping Honeybee Hives for Winter

Building Honey Boxes

Snowy Bees

Don't Eat Yellow Snow.

Building Screen bottom Floors.

Mice getting into the hive.

Building Inner Covers.

Building Roofs for my 10 Frame Hives.

Building Vent Boxes.

Boosting a Weak Hive.

Removing Winter Inner Covers.

Building Brood Boxes.

Building Brood Frames.

My 2016-17 winter losses.

Adding a third brood box.

June update to bee yard.

Inspecting mating nuc.

Feeding pollen sub to a nuc

Marking Honey Bee Queens

Shrimp Noises In Honeybee Hive

Shrimp Noises In Honeybee Hive part 2

Brood Inspection of a Ten Frame Hive Part 1

Brood Inspection of a Ten Frame Hive Part 2.

Feeding Sugar Syrup.

Nuc with a Supersedure Cell

Robber Bees in a Nuc.

Removing Honey from my Bee Hives

How I Weigh a Bee Hive 2017

Open Up Communication Holes

My Insulated Winter Inner Covers

Removing Feeder Jar Lids

Wrapping Hives for Winter 2017

Building an Oxalic Acid Vaporizer Tool.

Shrimp Noises In Honeybee Hive part 3

Building a Quiet Box

Jigs and Cutting Tools

Building a Honey Bee Bait Hive

My Queen Rearing Method

Mid Winter Update 2018

Two Queen Hive for Controlling Varroa Mites part one

Two Queen Hive for Controlling Varroa Mites part two

Building a Pan Break

Mixing Pollen Supplement

April 2018 Update

2018 Aug Swarm

Building Nuc Boxes Jigs

Building new floors

April 16 2019 Update

First hive inspection 2019